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GE powers Internet of Agriculture

GE helps grain-equipment company TempuTech put sensors, big-data analysis, and cloud-based reporting to work with an Internet of Things service

Why VMware is embracing OpenStack

VMware is going to unusual lengths to work with open source cloud technology at the same time that it's trying to establish its own hybrid cloud service. What's going on?

Recognizing inspirational Women Leaders at Interop Mumbai 2014

Interop Mumbai, India’s largest confluence of IT professionals is all set to honor some of the most outstanding and inspirational women leaders in technology on September 5 2014

Monitoring Weather with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is helping supply forecasters, meteorologists, and the general public with ever-increasing amounts of data

Is Microsoft planning Windows as a service?

Microsoft may be working on a cloud-based version of Windows to go alongside Office 365. What would be in it for customers?

Chai pe Charcha with Vinit Goenka, National Co-Convener, BJP IT Cell at Interop Mumbai 2014

Join us in an interactive session at INTEROP Mumbai, as Vinit seeks out ideas from CIOs and technology experts on how technology can improve governance

3 ways hybrid cloud is going mainstream

Here's a look at three trends that are making it easier for organizations to migrate to a hybrid cloud platform

Focus on user design helps SpadeWorx carve unique niche among IT service providers

An Indian company, SpadeWorx is capitalizing on its strength of focusing on user design

Researchers build Android security framework

The Android Security Modules (ASM) framework aims to streamline and spread security features, updates to Android devices

Now, jewelry that harvests energy from the human body

Israeli industrial designer Naomi Kizhner designed a series of artistic jewelry pieces that conduct energy from involuntary movements of the human body

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Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks

Join Trend Micro for this upcoming webcast as it will delve deeper on the cause and effects of these responses against cyber attacks. The Speakers will tackle existing real-world developments showing how market forces, private companies, and law enforcement agencies react to the ever-changing threat landscape. They will also discuss how these trends will settle into the global and local market and how cybercriminals are likely to exploit them. Speakers: Macky Cruz, Security Focus Lead, TrendLabs, and Paul Oliveria, Security Focus Lead, TrendLabs. Date & Time: September 4, 2014, 3:00pm India Time