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Closing the UC gap: 4 tips

Making the leap from unified communications to unified interaction is possible, but it involves more than just installing new software. Here's how to make a successful transition

Security holes found in some DLP products

Researchers to reveal key security flaws in commercial and open-source data loss prevention software at Black Hat USA next week

Cisco certifications confront changing skills needs

New certs focused on network programmability, IoT, and IT/business skills will help steer IT pros toward emerging technologies. They could also help Cisco keep its hold on the market

Google Hangouts dresses up for business

Google is making Hangouts part of Google Apps for Business to enhance the appeal of its cloud communications platform

Internet Of Things contains average of 25 vulnerabilities per device

New study finds high volume of security flaws in such IoT devices as webcams, home thermostats, remote power outlets, sprinkler controllers, home alarms, and garage door openers

Hilton turns smartphones into room keys

Hilton hotel chain plans to let smartphones unlock guest rooms starting next year

Internet Of Things: 4 areas IT can prepare

Most IT groups are not ready for the Internet of Things. It's time to get proactive -- or risk expensive missteps that will be difficult to fix

3 signs you are overspending on data storage

If you think public cloud storage is the cheaper way to manage the massive growth in data, think again

Amazon launches 3D printed products store

Amazon, the world's largest online commerce store, offers mass customization

Top 3 security threats for banks – and how to address them

Here are the top three security threats banks and other businesses face and ideas on how managers can mitigate them with better cyber security practices

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Business Models in the Black Market

Join RSA for this upcoming webcast as we take a deep dive into the latest business models in the black market. By attending, you will learn about: The latest cybercrime training services being offered to new fraudsters, The alliances being formed across various underground forums and its impact New economic models being applied for payments and cashout among cybercriminals Speaker: Eli Marcus Senior Writer, Fraud Action Knowledge Delivery team, RSA Date & Time: July 31, 2014, 3:00pm India Time