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44 percent Indians believe that by 2025 phones will have touch and smell capabilities

Indian consumers predict digital revolution in 2025, but security and privacy concerns linger, as per the findings of McAfee study

10 teens who are out to change the world

Some of the most innovative designs these days are coming from the minds of teenagers, a fact that shows a lot of promise for the next generation of engineers

5 steps to successful employee social media and mobile policies

Working in the banking industry presents unique challenges when it comes to confidentiality and compliance

Google plans to encrypt Android data by default

After Apple CEO Tim Cook talks up iOS8 data security, Google says the next version of Android will shield data on devices more effectively

ONF develops SDN certification

The Open Networking Foundation kicks off a program to develop vendor-neutral certification to validate knowledge and skills in software-defined networking

A look at the next version of Microsoft Windows and Office

Codenamed "Office 16," the next version will reportedly include the "Tell Me" tool to save users time digging through menus

Does India need national CIOs to deliver Narendra Modi’s Digital India vision?

With the government announcing a new post of Chief Information Officer in the 10 key ministries, the IT CIO community is bullish of the opportunities

Application developers barely passing in Application Security tests

A new study reveals that application developers are getting failing grades when it comes to their knowledge of critical security such as how to protect sensitive data, Web services, and threat modeling

10 tips for engineering students

Here are 10 key tips and advice for new engineering students

5 ways to manage your LinkedIn endorsements

Here's a look at the updates, plus new ways to optimize LinkedIn endorsements

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Utilizing Island Hopping in Targeted Attacks

Join Trend Micro for this upcoming webcast as the speakers will discuss how the island hopping technique (aka leapfrogging) allows attackers to move laterally within the target network, and ultimately penetrate other connected systems. Speakers: JM Hipolito, Project Lead , TrendLabs & Paul Oliveria Security Focus Lead , TrendLabs Date & Time: September 26, 2014, 3:00pm India Time