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Microsoft reveals Big Data strategy

Microsoft's new tools aim to serve all users -- not just data scientists -- extracting insight from big data sets and the Internet of Things

IT, business exec gulf widens: McKinsey research

Just as more businesses recognize IT's strategic importance, dissatisfaction with IT's effectiveness is growing, McKinsey research shows.

Data accounts for 98 percent of mobile network sessions: Amdocs research

According to the research, the share of network traffic from data has grown to 98 percent – up from 90 percent in the previous 12-month period

Netmagic finds huge demand for India’s first software-defined storage service

Within a few weeks of launching this service, the company has already bagged 12 customers

When IT managers insult

Sometimes CIOs and IT teams get saddled with an aggressive manager who pushes all the wrong buttons. Do you know how to deal with loudmouths?

Twitter posts betray illness

Tweets reveal whether you have influenza, according to Penn State researchers

3D-printed smart device alerts doctors before a heart attack occurs

A research team has developed a prototype for a stretchy, custom-fitted, implantable membrane that can give doctors feedback about irregularities occurring inside someone's heart

TCS launches Android-based realtime Twitter sentiment analysis app for Indian Elections 2014

By using the app, users can perform real-time analysis of Twitter data and gain insights into the trending topics and share of voice of Indian politicians

Data generated by connected devices to represent 10 percent of India’s data by 2020: EMC-IDC study

As per the study, emerging markets – including India – will surpass mature markets by 2017 and account for 60 percent of the digital universe

Majority of users have not received security awareness training, says study

Many users fail to follow policies on mobile, cloud security, EMA Research study says

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