Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kochi and Kolkata emerge as preferred IT-BPM destinations: Study

As per the findings of a joint study by Cushman & Wakefield and NASSCOM, these cities have significantly improved their value proposition for IT-BPM services delivery over last five years and emerged as front- runners as IT-BPM destinations,...

15 million devices infected with mobile malware

Sixty percent of the infected devices run Android

Axis Bank launches e-surveillance facility at ATM locations

Under the e-surveillance facility, the ATM premises of Axis Bank will be monitored 24x7 from a centralized security operation centre

InMobi invites applications to Hack on SMAC

The theme of this year’s event will be Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC)

Google launches crisis communication tools for relaying information on Jammu and Kashmir floods

Google has launched Person Finder (for helping in finding missing people and making emergency) and and Onebox on Google Search (for making emergency information available immediately)

Wipro launches data scientist academic program for fresh graduates

The firm has announced the launch of its ‘WiSTA – Data Scientist’ program in India, an integrated post graduate program in Analytics for the 2014 batch of engineering and Science graduates hired by Wipro as full-time employees

What's Missing in the Apple iPhone 6

Apple did many things right with its new iPhone and Watch hardware, but left a few key technologies out of the mix

India based start-up Flockport launches first Linux container-sharing website will provide containers of popular web applications, and let users share and download portable application containers

Apple unveils iPhone 6 and Watch

Apple dives into wearables, debuts two new iPhones -- and promises to revolutionize mobile payments with Apple Pay

Intel pursues PC revival with Core M chips

Intel finally takes the covers off its next-gen "Broadwell" chips. Will they spur the long-awaited PC market bounce-back?

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Utilizing Island Hopping in Targeted Attacks

Join Trend Micro for this upcoming webcast as the speakers will discuss how the island hopping technique (aka leapfrogging) allows attackers to move laterally within the target network, and ultimately penetrate other connected systems. Speakers: JM Hipolito, Project Lead , TrendLabs & Paul Oliveria Security Focus Lead , TrendLabs Date & Time: September 26, 2014, 3:00pm India Time