Vivekanand Venugopal, VP
'Agile, always available storage infrastructure, need of the hour': Vivekanand Venugopal, Hitachi Data Systems

Vivekanand Venugopal, VP and GM, Hitachi Data Systems shares details on the new strides that Hitachi is making in the enterprise storage space and shares insights on market trends in this exclusive interview with InformationWeek

Arachnophobia - Pakistan's cyberespionage campaign against India

Operation Arachnophobia, a campaign that appears to have begun in early 2013, has all the earmarks of classic advanced persistent threat/cyber espionage activity but with a few twists of its own -- including the possible involvement of a Pakistani...

Why patching makes my heart bleed

Heartbleed was a simple mistake that was allowed to propagate through "business as usual" patching cycles and change management. It could easily happen again

The headaches of multiple cloud services

IT professionals and users alike understand the benefits of cloud services. However, migrating several IT services to the cloud can create more pain than you might expect

Enterprise Mobility ushers in the OMNI channel era

With the advent of mobility, businesses are able to reach their customers back, and a two way communication on-the-go is possible

Ajit Melarkode, MD APAC - Rackspace
'Public cloud is for everyone, not for everything': Ajit Melarkode, Rackspace

In this exclusive interview, Ajit Melarkode, Managing Director APAC for Rackspace, speaks about the company's business model, OpenStack and shares his insights on trends around cloud computing in the Indian market

If I was CIO of India - VS Parthasarathy, Group CIO, Mahindra & Mahindra

The first task for a CIO of India is to create an architecture where both the center and state support each other, says V S Parthasarathy, Group CIO

3 cardinal rules for managing your boss

Don't be your own worst enemy when it comes to interactions with your boss. Instead of blaming him for your problems, learn his style and adapt

Why is programming an essential skill for network engineers

As software takes over the networking discipline, engineers who don't learn to code a general-purpose programming language will be left behind

How to choose between NoSQL, NewSQL, or RDBMS

When should you choose a NoSQL or NewSQL option versus a conventional relational database management system? Here are 10 telltale traits that will help you make the right choice

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