Milind Rajhans - Mahesh Bank
Mahesh Bank virtualizes storage to consolidate infrastructure and up its IT game

Mahesh Bank establishes itself as an IT trendsetter in co-operative banking circles by opting for virtualized storage as part of its infrastructure overhaul program, helping it support business growth and efficiency

We cultivate an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, says LiquidHub’s Jonathan Brassington

Philadelphia-based LiquidHub is a digital integrator with a focus on the Healthcare and Financial verticals, and a specialization in digital customer experience/engagement. It has a turnover of USD 125 million and has achieved global recognition...

Mobile banking applications call for specialized software testing

The author discusses trends, challenges and approaches towards mobile-first testing strategies for future-ready banking applications

Organize to innovate, everyday!

Often, innovation is taken as something that is a bit far-fetched, something that will take a whole lot of effort by many to be achieved. Here are few thoughts and guiding principles on simplifying innovation and making it part of our everyday...

How Indian banks can improve the customer lifecycle by using data analytics

Though data is available in abundance, the Indian BFSI sector is yet to move to complete maturity in handling this opportunity to make significant inferences and move them into day-to-day operations

Indian banks using SMAC technologies actively to carve new path of innovation, reveals CII-PwC survey

Disruptive technologies such as SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) are being used by Indian banks actively

IBM is seeing an upward trend for cloud adoption in India

The strategic potential of a technology like cloud computing is best seen in software behemoth, IBM’s results. For the first time, IBM’s cloud computing revenue exceeded USD 1 billion in a quarter (3Q’ 2013). In the first three quarters of...

Modern challenges for Indian banking

The six forces of Cloud, Inclusion, Mobility, Analytics, Regulation and Social Media, and its impact on Indian banking

Blended learning on the rise in Indian enterprises

A large number of Indian organizations are adopting blended learning solutions to offer employees robust and flexible learning opportunities that suit their individual needs and challenges

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Intelligence-driven incident response for today’s enterprise

RSA’s Critical Incident Response Solution (CIRS) integrates the key elements for incident response capability that is intelligence-driven and risk-focused. CRIS incorporates a variety of integrated security tools that provide for security operations management.Attend this webcast and you get a closer look at how RSA’s Critical Incident Response Solution (CIRS) integrates the key elements to give your organization an effective and efficient incident response capability. Date: 14 May, 2014 Time: 3:00-4:00pm