Infor bets on user friendly design to disrupt enterprise applications market

by Srikanth RP, InformationWeek, December 18, 2013

Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO is attempting to rewrite the rules of the enterprise applications market by focusing heavily on how users want to use enterprise applications

As the third-largest provider of enterprise applications, Infor stands just behind industry giants, Oracle and SAP. Infor’s claim to fame has always been specialization, and uses this approach innovatively to make inroads in a highly competitive market.  Within a broader vertical market, there are a huge number of micro-verticals that have different processes. For example, it has applications that are for shoemakers, bakers or brewers.

But the real big impact can come from Infor’s huge focus on user design. It has created an internal design agency, called ‘Hook & Loop’ and staffed it with designers, writers and filmmakers and of course, developers. The idea is to make enterprise application software more user friendly – enabling users to use the software without assistance. Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor, says that while developers may be brilliant in architecture design, they do not have adequate design skill sets.

charles-phillips-infor“Typically, people who decide on buying the enterprise application seldom use it. That’s why most people hate using enterprise applications. We want to get people using and accessing applications quickly, and that calls for a great user design,” says Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor. Social has huge relevance in this context. For example, a product called Infor Ming.le, allows employees to communicate, collaborate, and share information such as documents, plans, photos, and videos from a centralized location, with all activity captured and easily searchable.

Infor is growing at a fast pace, and Phillips says that the company has a huge opportunity to change the status quo, by making enterprise application more easy for customers to use.

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