Infosys and Elan Pharmaceuticals Apply Co-creation Model to Transform Discovery Research

InformationWeek News Network, February 2, 2010

Elan Pharmaceuticals leverages Infosys Scientific Innovation Solution for new research informatics system

Infosys Technologies recently announced that it will design and implement the Research Informatics System (RISe) at Elan Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company, to accelerate discovery research using a co-creation engagement model that leverages Infosys’ existing intellectual property in this field.

Ajay Shah, Director – Research Informatics, Elan Pharmaceuticals, said, “With Infosys’ solution and engagement model, Elan will be able to lower costs for scientific operation and facilitate innovation.”

As Elan’s informatics system, RISe will leverage Infosys’ Scientific Innovation Solution for knowledge collaboration. Infosys Technologies says the new system will reduce the time spent on registering and experimenting with bio-entities, increase collaboration, and reduce the chances of downstream failure.

The co-creation engagement model enables Infosys to retain ownership of co-developed IP as part of the implementation. Relevant components of this reference implementation can be reused or repurposed by Infosys to deliver faster business benefits at other Life Sciences organizations.

“Elan’s vision to create a scalable research informatics system for scientists to collaborate better, dovetails perfectly with our investments in solutions that improve scientific innovation and our efforts to streamline discovery research,” said R Arun Kumar, head of Infosys’ Global Life Sciences Practice, Infosys Technologies.

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