ICICI Bank’s Tab Banking initiative brings the bank to your home

InformationWeek, November 25, 2013

Tab Banking is a pioneering step taken by ICICI Bank using tablets, which gives a potential customer the convenience of opening his bank account at his home or office

The technology landscape is undergoing unprecedented changes and customers are embracing a range of technology options such as mobility, Internet and social media at a rapid pace. What took the Internet 15 years to do, mobile only took 5 years. Financial services are no different. Taking cognizance of this massive trend, ICICI Bank developed a comprehensive mobile strategy to enhance customer experience and improve service availability.

One of the most significant initiatives under the mobility strategy is an initiative called ‘Tab Banking’. This is a pioneering step taken by ICICI Bank by using tablets. ‘Tab Banking’ gives a potential customer the convenience of opening his/her bank account at his/her home or office. Using a tablet equipped with mobile connectivity, the bank’s executive fills account opening details, clicks the picture of a customer and takes the relevant KYC (Know Your Customer) documents, thereby doing away with the need for the customer to visit a branch. Tab Banking has enabled opening of account within a day and eliminated rework due to data entry and documentation errors.

Tab banking enables the bank officers to capture customer details, documents in front of the customer and synchronize the records to a central server over a 3G mobile network. Video demos on product are also available through the same. It consists of a high-end tablet comprising of high quality camera bundled with great audio-visual experience. This is a tool, which is envisioned as a branch in the hands of sales officers.

Currently, ICICI Bank is the only bank in India to offer this service to its customers, thus providing a comfortable and pleasant account opening experience. The primary objective of this solution is to reduce turnaround time for account opening and eliminate rejections due to incomplete account opening form or KYC mismatch. Using a tablet, the bank’s executive generates transaction vouchers (slips). Thus, there is no waiting time at the counter as transaction details entered on tablet are automatically moved to the service officer. The service has been enabled on 4,000 tablets across 20 cities.

A tablet application for sales management has been implemented with an objective to improve the efficiency and productivity of the sales staff by enabling them to manage sales activities such as lead management, event management, calendar management, task management, cross-sell and supervisory review. A Business Companion app has also been developed, which gives business groups access to critical product and process-related information. The app helps in significantly enhancing the efficiency of client acquisition and servicing processes for relevant business groups. For instance, knowledge on relevant topics has consequently helped the relationship team and operations group by reducing rework (focus on first time right) and strengthening the overall brand equity of the bank.

Today, thanks to the initiative, bank account can be opened at the customers premise using the tablet and built-in apps. As a result, the average account opening turnaround time has come down from more than 4 days to less than 1.5 days. It has also significantly reduced the percentage of rework, which was earlier attributed to incomplete/incorrect documentation and data entry errors.


  • Average account opening turnaround time has come down from more than 4 days to less than 1.5 days
  • Service enabled on 4,000 tablets across 20 cities
  • The percentage of rework has come down from 7 percent to 1 percent

ICICI Bank is a Diamond EDGE winner. The complete list of EDGE winners is published in the October 2013 Print issue of InformationWeek India

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