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Shopping portal utilizes cloud CRM

by Vinita Gupta, InformationWeek, May 11, 2011

A cloud-based CRM application from helped ShopYourWorld in centralizing the business and reducing the overall cost

ShopYourWorld is an online shopping portal.  It has close to six million shopping items and provides a doorstep delivery of shopping items from across the world to the Indian consumers.

The company’s offices are located in Singapore and Mumbai and fulfillment centers in located in the US and UK.  The company faced a huge challenge in managing the business efficiently across these different locations and in getting the necessary information related to the orders. With the portal witnessing a huge amount of online visitors, the firm wanted to ensure that every single visitor or buyer was provided a high level of professional experience.

This fuelled the need for a platform that would take care of a wide range of activities ranging from tracking orders to tracing the shipping status, generating invoice, efficient customer support and telemarketing. To tackle these challenges, the company intended to adopt a CRM solution.

Why cloud CRM

The IT market offers innumerable software and hardware options that the firm could avail of for managing the business. But ShopYourWorld was looking for something that could eliminate the need for installation and maintenance of hardware and software and could give exceptional results at the same time.  After evaluating several options, the firm settled in for a cloud-based CRM from

Unlike the traditional CRM solution, the cloud based CRM software does not require any hardware purchase or software maintenance. The solution is delivered over the Internet as the service can be accessed at anytime and anywhere via an Internet browser.  “While looking for a CRM solution, we found that the implementation cost of a traditional CRM was five to six times higher than the cloud based CRM. Also, the implementation time was huge (almost double),” says Vishal Melwani, Director, ShopYourWorld.

The CRM as a service solution not only eliminates the requirement for costly IT personnel but also the burden of support and maintainability of the CRM software. “Cloud CRM software essentially enabled us to focus our energy on the core business either than managing or maintaining the software,” asserts Melwani.

From May 2010, the company is utilizing the cloud based CRM application from The solution helped them in centralizing the business thereby cutting down the overall costs.  The solution utilized by ShopYour World focuses on five major areas of their business- centralized order processing, tracking the shipping status, customer support, telemarketing and billing department

Also, Shop Your World has been able to integrate with Indiatimes Shopping, as a result of which the orders placed by the Indiatimes Shopping users are directly moved to the ShopYourWorld portal.

The shopping portal plans to integrate the offline customer orders placed by means of print, email or SMS medium into the CRM solution. Additionally, the firm also plans to add another website which will also be directly linked to the cloud CRM. This would help them track the shipment of shopping items from India to the other parts of the world.

 Function Process
Centralized order processing Customer orders get transferred to the cloud CRM system for providing centralized order management system to the ShopYourWorld operations team Smooth and efficient work
Tracking the shipping status has also been integrated with an external logistics company through a web service. For obtaining shipping status of every order-right from the selling of a product till its delivery It became easy for Shop Your World to track the shipping status for every order
Customer support All the information related to customer support gets transferred to the department concerned so that they can take necessary action as and when required. This allowed to reduce the work load on the support team as the integration made the task more organized and efficient. This resulted in faster response and proficient customer support
Telemarketing Integration enables the ShopYourWorld marketing team to get all the necessary information about their valued customers
The task of telemarketers also got reduced and managing leads and follow ups became smooth and simple
Billing department All the information related to the shipping/billing, etc of a product quickly gets transferred to the billing departments in the form of electronic invoices The billing department gets the correct billing information with the relevant details

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