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Is Bangalore the technology start-up capital of the world?

  • January 9, 2014
  • informationweek

The recent announcement that Facebook has acquired Bangalore-based start-up Little Eye Labs making it...


Five ways to take the heat out of your data centers

Here are the top five ways CIOs can improve data center efficiency without sacrificing reliability of...

Defining security in Software-Defined Data Centers

SDN, SDDC, network virtualization, NFV — what does it all mean, and what impact do they have on security?...

Key points organizations should consider before deploying SDN

While SDN holds remarkable possibilities for driving IT services in the future, it has not yet developed...

ONF develops SDN certification

The Open Networking Foundation kicks off a program to develop vendor-neutral certification to validate...

Ten free or low-cost network discovery and mapping tools

Understand your network so you can defend it better

Top IT certifications to jumpstart your job

Working in IT infrastructure means a whole lot more than hardware these days. Boost your career with...

Why is programming an essential skill for network engineers

As software takes over the networking discipline, engineers who don't learn to code a general-purpose...

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Rohan Parikh

Head, Infrastructure and Green Initiatives, Infosys

CIO Life

My personal and professional journey: Kamal Sharma, Group CIO, Mindlance India

Kamal Sharma, Group CIO and SBU Head, Mindlance India recounts his success story and shares his key inspirations...

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What the next generation firewall should be!

Cisco invites you to participate in an interesting, informative webinar focused on Cisco’s latest firewall services. This session focuses on enabling you to understand the new capabilities, including Application Visibility and Control (AVC), Intrusion Prevention (IPS), and Web Security Essentials (WSE), to the ASA 5500-X Series demonstrated by Cisco experts. They will take you through the unique traits of Cisco ASA that will help you to be prepared for the advanced challenges. Speakers: Srikanta Prasad, Subject Matter Expert – Security,Cisco Date & Time: October 10, 2014, 3:00pm India Time