Planning for infinite storage needs

by Srikanth RP, April 17, 2014

The biggest impact on storage may come from the increasingly huge number of devices that are connected to the Internet; these devices will generate massive amounts of input data from globally distributed sources

Scaling startups

IT startups keep looking for mentors to seek guidance and support. CIOs can play an important role, especially in the evolution of startups aimed at providing solutions to enterprises

Embracing the disruptive power of the cloud

by Srikanth RP, April 01, 2014

India is in the midst of a cloud revolution that is slowly accelerating. While the first phase was of internal cloud adoption led by large conglomerates, the current phase is of innovative business models powered by cloud

Brand value or unbranded value

CIO branding does not survive once you stop being one

The role of enterprise mobility in transformation initiatives

by Srikanth RP, March 05, 2014

Considering their reach and low-cost factor, mobile-enabled solutions are being used by enterprises for every possible function — from curbing fraud, opening bank accounts and even tracking waste collection

If CIOs became tech company CEOs

Why is it that companies never think of taking on a powerful CIO as their CEO?

Discovering the what-if potential of analytics

by Srikanth RP, January 09, 2014

Over the next few years, expect analytics to be far more pervasive and intelligent than it is now

8 cloud computing trends to watch out for in 2014

Vishnu G Bhat, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Cloud & Big Data, Infosys takes a look at the key trends that will define the progress and pace of the cloud journey in 2014

Why SMBs will lead the next wave of IT innovation

by Srikanth RP, November 06, 2013

This decade truly belongs to SMBs as they are forcing incumbent vendors to offer customized solutions that they want, rather than being forced to adopt versions of solutions whose features they seldom use or require

The Newbie CIO

by Arun Gupta, November 04, 2013

After initial success, a first-time CIO could not show significant results and had to struggle to get approval for every project. Let’s look at the factors that limited his success

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