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The APT attack kill chain: Seven stages, five strategies, one solution

Here are the five strategies to follow to prepare your organization to address today's advanced threats...

Technofoolery: Why IT pros need to be more like scientists and less like technocrats

While technology can help with both societal and organizational solutions, it is not a sufficient condition...

How IIT Bombay’s Spoken Tutorials initiative could transform Indian education

Spoken Tutorials, IIT Bombay’s attempt to provide IT training through audio video tutorials has been...

Android Heartbleed alert: 150 million apps still vulnerable

Android developers are starting to patch OpenSSL flaws. Meanwhile, Apple ships an SSL fix for iOS and...

8 gadgets for the high-tech home

From wireless door locks to scales that measure more than weight, these connected devices take your domicile...

Data analytics, cyber security emerge as top investment priorities for Indian firms: PwC survey

As per the findings of the survey, organizations across industries are ramping up investments in technologies...

India lost USD 225 million to phishing attacks in 2013: RSA

India emerges as a top target for phishing attacks in APJ and Oceania; received 54 percent of total phishing...

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CIO Profile – Samir Khare, Fullerton India Credit Company

Here’s a sneak peak into personal and professional life of Samir Khare, CIO, Fullerton India Credit Company...

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Intelligence-driven incident response for today’s enterprise
  • 14 May, 2014
  • 3:00 - 4:00

Gaurav Mahendru, Business Manager, RSA Advanced SOC

Varun Haran, Correspondent, InformationWeek India

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Intelligence-driven incident response for today’s enterprise

RSA’s Critical Incident Response Solution (CIRS) integrates the key elements for incident response capability that is intelligence-driven and risk-focused. CRIS incorporates a variety of integrated security tools that provide for security operations management.Attend this webcast and you get a closer look at how RSA’s Critical Incident Response Solution (CIRS) integrates the key elements to give your organization an effective and efficient incident response capability. Date: 14 May, 2014 Time: 3:00-4:00pm