Everyone’s talking. Is anyone listening?

Listening is one of those qualities that we as human beings, tend to pay a lot of lip service to. However,...

Tackling telecom traffic jams

Here's how to address the problem of traffic congestion in telecommunication networks

Flash – A technology whose time is now real

Despite its performance superiority, Flash was operating in the shadow of traditional hard disk technology...

Data accounts for 98 percent of mobile network sessions: Amdocs research

According to the research, the share of network traffic from data has grown to 98 percent – up from 90...

Netmagic finds huge demand for India’s first software-defined storage service

Within a few weeks of launching this service, the company has already bagged 12 customers

When IT managers insult

Sometimes CIOs and IT teams get saddled with an aggressive manager who pushes all the wrong buttons....

Twitter posts betray illness

Tweets reveal whether you have influenza, according to Penn State researchers

CIO Life

CIO Profile – Samir Khare, Fullerton India Credit Company

Here’s a sneak peak into personal and professional life of Samir Khare, CIO, Fullerton India Credit Company...

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Future Proof your enterprise Mobile device security with Samsung KNOX

Convergence of mobile, social and cloud technologies is a major trend for enterprises today. Plus Consumerization of IT is driving a wide scale adoption of Android OS in the enterprise. Most CIOs and CISOs are concerned with the security challenges that enterprise mobility and Android brings. This webinar reviews the security challenges & threats associated with enterprise mobility and introduces Samsung KNOX, a new Android-based solution specifically designed to enhance security of the current open source Android platform. Date and Time: 3 April, 2014; 3:00 - 3:45pm Speaker: N S Amarnath, N S Amarnath, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics